Augustine Concert Blue High Tension

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Augustine Concert Blue High Tension

Set corde chitarra classica

Sensazione eccezionale grazie al design di qualità

Calibro : 028, 032, 040, 029, 036, 045




Augustine Blue

Set di corde per chitarra classica, composto da 3 corde “Agustine Classic” in Nylon trasparente e 3 corde “Augustine SP” in Rame Placcato Argento spiralato su un anima centrale in Nylon. Questa caratteristica, dà alle corde una lunga risonanza garantendo un suono chiaro e pulito. La misura del diametro delle corde, ne permette inoltre un facile tocco. Il diametro delle corde varia da 028, 032, 040, 029, 036, 045 anima centrale in Nylon, garantendo cos’ suoni duraturi, chiari e morbidi. La misura del diametro delle corde, ne permette inoltre un facile tocco.



Albert Augustine was a Danish immigrant guitar enthusiast, and burgeoning luthier. He was also a founding member of The New York Society for the Classic Guitar, the first organization to present serious classical guitar concerts in New York City, and the publisher of a prestigious journal called Guitar Review.
 In the 1940s, it was more difficult than ever to source quality strings, which at the time were made of animal gut (sheep, mostly). Beyond the inconsistency of strings composed of organic materials, their usage as field sutures during the war effort made them extremely scarce. Particularly confounded by this lack of good strings was Andrés Segovia, the Spanish virtuoso whose efforts to elevate the guitar from the parlor to the concert stage had made him an international sensation.
“From my earliest childhood - and I feel as though I must have been playing the guitar before I was born - I was handicapped by the brittleness of the strings that were then available; and as I grew in years and experience, I found myself more and more irritated…” - Andrés Segovia


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